Save Your Families Health with “Green” Flooring Options

Green Projects are trending now more that ever before. There are so many green flooring options available to you today. Almost everyone is going green. With the planets ecosystem and climate in turmoil it has never been more important. Some do not know this, but it is even a healthier option for you family.

There are biodegradable carpeting options that are beautiful. There are also recycled options at your disposal. Still, these are not the end of your flooring options. You can choose from laminates, tile, cork and hardwoods as well, and that is just to name a few.

Reclaimed wood flooring is one of the most sought after green flooring options on the market today. This is wood that has been re-harvested. It may come from old barns, construction sites, lake floors or riverbeds. There are quite a few companies sticking to urban salvage nowadays. Just think of the trees that can be saved through this method of wood recycling.

FSC certified wood flooring is another great option. Reclaimed wood may cost a bit more than some can work into a modest budget. Though going green is an investment some alternatives are cheaper than others. This is still a way to get the authentic wood flooring that you want at prices that you can afford.

Bamboo is a fantastic green flooring option.  Bamboo is a hot new trend for green flooring options. In the last decade it has grown in popularity at a rapid rate. It is a very beautiful option. It is actually a grass rather than wood, but it is replacing traditional wood flooring at shocking rates.

When you are exploring bamboo options for flooring you may not want to go with the cheapest versions as they will dent easier than a bit more expensive options will. Seek out options that have a higher bamboo count. You will also want a warranty that will last for a while. This is a great way to be sure you have quality flooring. Formaldehyde free bamboo is on its way. Be sure you get low volatile products by asking questions and researching your options.

Green Flooring is a fantastic investment that will save you more than a little money at the days end. When you make the choice to incorporate Eco-friendly flooring into your home you are choosing not only the health of the planet, but you are choosing family health as well.


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Save Money and Go Green with Geothermal

As the world focuses more on renewable energy, geothermal energy and systems are gaining more significance among homeowners in the US. Not only is geothermal energy a renewable source and is supremely environment friendly but it is also the cost saving alternative to conventional energy sources.

What Is Geothermal Energy?

While the scientific definitions can go into unwarranted details of explanations, in simpler words for popular understanding, when the sun’s rays heats up the surface of the earth, heat energy is generated. This heat energy of the earth’s surface and crust is known as geothermal energy.

How Does Geothermal Energy Work?

Geothermal energy is extracted using systems that are installed in the homes. Normally these systems can be set up in backyards or anywhere that is feasible.

Who Sells Such Geothermal Systems?

There are quite a few companies who manufacture geothermal systems today as a part of their green projects. You can easily come across a reputed source online.

Benefits Of Geothermal Systems

Now, go green is an obvious given for all green projects but how can one actually save money with these geothermal systems? Moreover, it is widely known that just like solar panels, these geothermal systems also call for an investment initially that may appear to be a little costly. However, these benefits should help you to understand the financial benefits of such green projects or using renewable energy such as geothermal.

Geothermal energy can easily offer you five times the efficiency that you can obtain from conventional power sources which implies that your energy consumption would be cut down from anywhere between 40% o 70%.

Heating the rooms during winters and cooling them during summers consume more than 50 % of one’s monthly energy requirements. Using geothermal energy, these costs can be phenomenally reduced. Depending on the geothermal system you use and the city you live in, you can make huge savings.

Earning tax rebate and several other federal benefits are also another reason to use geothermal energy. It is well known that governments are promoting green projects and in many programs are also subsidizing the installation costs and the system costs to get more homeowners opt for renewable energy.

The initial investment costs can be recovered in about 5 years or around 8 years if you opt for the best geothermal systems. Considering that the life of a geothermal system is typically 30 years, the savings you can make for three decades largely outweigh the initial investment.


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How to Save Your Family From Cancer by Growing Organic Food Anywhere Practically Free

Cancer rates are on the rise. Disease over all is on the rise. Why is this? I believe the causes are chemicals and stress. There are many ways to help with stress such as meditation, exercise, massage, hobbies, etc. Let’s talk about chemicals. The US Government (FDA) allows 50,000 different chemicals to be in your food without being on the label, and 15,000 of them cause cancer. Do you think they are protecting you, or the corporations that pay to get them elected?

The first thing to do is to avoid processed food. Eat meat, fruits and vegetables, not fast food or boxed food. Do your best to buy organic meats. Meat can be full or hormones and preservatives (even chemical ladened food coloring). Buy organic, grass fed beef whenever you can. You want the cows (or buffalo) to roam pastures, eating what they were intended to. Grass fed beef is as high in Omega 3 EFAs as salmon. Grain fed, corporate farmed beef is high in Omega 6 EFAs and full of hormones. Chicken should be free range, organic. Corporate farms raise chickens in small cages. They spend their lives in their own feces. Do you want chicken marinated in feces? They also pump them with hormones to get the breast to grow. Corporate farmed chicken look deformed. Is this what you want to eat? Free range chickens are allowed to roam and fly (a little at least) the way nature intended. This applies to turkey too. Also avoid farm raised fish. They are also fed unnatural food and penned into small areas where disease can spread easily. Wild caught is always better.

Fruits and vegetables are sometimes genetically modified. They are usually caked in pesticides. Pesticides generally are poison. Washing your fruits and vegetables do help, but much of the chemicals soak in through the skin. Can’t wash that off! The simple solution is to grow your own. Many people have their own gardens. That’s a good start. You need to make sure your seeds are organic and don’t use pesticides. Of course, this can only be accomplished in season. There are better ways. Build a greenhouse! I like geodesic dome greenhouses. They are strong and easy to build. Once you have a greenhouse, you can grow year round. At that point, you have to decide how you will grow your food. Hydroponics are good. I think aquaponics are a better choice. Aquaponics use water tanks, with water and fish in them. The plants are grown on top. The plants feed the fish, an the fish feed the plants. You get fruits, vegetables and fish to eat! Aquaponics also grows 10 times more food than conventional gardens in the same amount of time, or less!! Of course, you can’t do this in an apartment.

So, what do you do in an apartment? The answer is window farms! There are a lot of free plans on the internet on how you make your own window farms. You can grow a plenty of food that way.

Many are talking about coming bad times where food may be very hard to come by. I don’t know what will happen but, if you’re growing your own, you’ll be a lot better off!

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Save Gas by running your car on water

Save gas by running your car on water.

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How to Go Organic, Step By Step Guide

Organic. It’s a popular trend right now. It can apply to lots of areas in your life. Why go organic in the first place? Conventional food is full of chemicals and pesticides. These can cause a lot of different diseases. The same goes for clothes, carpets, paint, etc. So, where do you start?

The most obvious, and best place to start is with food. The first food group to start with is meat. There’s a lot of hormones and antibiotics in conventional meat. Select grass fed, organic beef and lamb. Chicken and turkey should be free range organic. Fish should be wild caught (not farm raised). Fruit and vegetibles should also be organic. You can easily grow your own. If you’d like to learn more, see previous articles.

What’s the next step? Think about exposure. A good place to go next is your bed. There is plenty of organic bedding available. Organic cotton sheets or bamboo (very soft) are great for sheets. Organic comforters are also available. You can even buy mattresses that don’t give off toxic chemicals (outgassing). They even make non-toxic memory foam beds. Memory foam is amazingly comfortable.

What about clothes? More and more companies are making organic clothes. Bamboo clothes are available. Organic cotton is available. You also want to pay attention to coloring. Chemicals are often used to color clothes. Organics seem to be hitting women’s clothes a little faster. You can do a web search and find plenty of organic clothes. Whole Foods even carries some. Pay attention and you see more and more in the stores.

Indoor air is generally very polluted (far more than outdoor air). What can you do? A good air filter is an obvious choice. One simple solution is to open your windows for an hour every day. Those two suggestions are great for cleanup, but how do we prevent indoor air pollution? These days, it’s hard to completely prevent indoor air pollution, but you can cut down on it. Use low or Non-VOC paint. That smell of new carpet is actually fermaldyhyde among other carcinogenic chemicals. Choose hard wood (bamboo is a good choice) with non-VOC finishes. Cork flooring is good too. Pay attention to the glues that are used. Some are using clay on walls now and even rammed dirt floors. Even your choices in furniture matter. Some of the finishes can outgas chemicals. Organic cloth furniture is available. Chose FSC wood with non-VOC finishes. There are a lot of choices. This guide is just a start. There is a lot more information available in each area covered here. Keep your family safe and healthy with good, organic choices.

Christopher D Guebert
My Green Earth LLC

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How to Save on Electricity and Help Solve the Power Grid Problems With DIY Solar and DIY Wind

Our current Power Grid is a mess. Back in 2003, power lines drooped down to a tree, shorted and caused a blackout in 5 states and parts of Canada (there is much more detail to this, but we won’t go into that right now). This caused massive problems: looting, shut down transportation, shut down traffic lights, and of course, no power to residents. This incident showed the country how antiquated our power grid really is. The government did an estimate on what it would take to update our power grid. The estimate is over $2 Trillion! I have 20 years of experience working with the government. When they estimate $2T, expect it to really cost $3-5T. If the government ever does get the money, they will find a way to screw it up. There is hope though!We can do our part to help. Some of the problems with our power grid include choke points. Sometimes they are caused by the power lines themselves. Sometimes they are caused by large power generation plants (such as Hoover Damn) supplying several states with power. There’s also the pollution issue. There are over 600 coal power plants in this country. Coal produces a lot of pollution, including Mercury, CO2, Nitrogen Oxide, etc. A lot of breathing issues (and several other issues) are caused from this pollution. There are 104 nuclear power plants. Nuclear waste last thousands of years. The effects of exposure to nuclear waste is far worse. We may have a place to store it now, but how long until we run out of room, and it ends up in our water. The best way we can help is to produce our own energy. Many can add solar panels or wind turbines to their homes. There are many advantages: small to no power bills (maybe evean a check from the electric company every month), no problems with power outages from downed power lines. When ice or other storms take out power lines, it’s also nice to be comfortable because you have heat or AC and refrigerated food while your neighbors suffer. You can buy solar panels and/or wind turbines. That can cost well into the $20,000 range or more. You can also produce your own energy. Plans are cheap and cost per solar panel can be less than $200. The nice advantage is that you can produce them as you need them, one at time if you’d like. There are tax advantages too (check with your state). If you plan on adding solar or wind, make your house more efficient (more on that later).I encourage companies to build small wind turbine/solar panel farms all over the country. It would help ease the power grid issues and cut pollution. My Green Earth plans to build several.While our power grid is a mess, we can help, and save money in the process.

Chris Guebert
My Green Earth LLC

I have been an Electrical Engineer for over 20 years. I have turned my attention to the Green industry. Our company website has information on many things green, including producing your own energy, growing organic food, converting your car to electric, and building/remodeling green. Website:

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Make Your Grass Extra Green and Save Money

One of the biggest polluters is, surprisingly, lawn equipment (mowers, trimmers, blowers, edgers, chippers, clippers, etc). Most lawn equipment uses 2 stroke engines (that’s where you have to mix gas and oil). The US Government estimates that 17 million gallons are spilled per year, trying to fill lawn equipment tanks. That pollutes the water. The smoke also pollutes the air. I’ve heard that 15 minutes of a leaf blower pollutes the air more than driving 100 miles in a car! How many of each tool do you use to take care of your lawn? Most people use at least 3. Riding mowers are generally 4 stroke engines. They are better, but still produce a lot of pollution. Can you imagine the amount of pollution produced on a warm, summer, Saturday afternoon? It makes you almost choke. What can we do?

There are a few options. Let’s talk about hand held equipment first (trimmers, blowers, edgers, clippers, etc). Let’s start old school/basic. All of these jobs can be done without power equipment. You can rake the leaves, sweep the sidewalk, use hand powered clippers… Some do this and actually love it. I wonder about their sanity. Kidding! There are electric alternatives, both battery powered and plug in. Plug in models are, of course, limited by the length of your cord, and how often you accidentally trim the cord. Ouch! There are several brands (and more coming daily) that make trimmers, edgers, blowers, etc that use battery power (Lithium Ion specifically). A couple good brands are Worx and Black and Decker. There are more. Those are just a couple examples. You can find them in any home and garden store and on-line now.

There are also a few options for lawn mowers. There’s the old fashioned person powered push mower (two wheels with blades in-between). This isn’t the choice most will make. There are corded push mowers. This is a limited option, as mentioned above (and the cords get cut often). There are battery powered push mower and riding mowers, also lithium ion. There are even battery powered robot mowers! Yes, they are very cool! Many need or, just want, riding mowers. There are battery powered riding mowers now. It’s surprising how many when you do a search. The big advantage in these is very little maintenance. There is another option too, and it may surprise you: propane! Yes, there are several brands of propane mowers out there. Obviously, there is the advantage of quick fill ups to keep mowing. Maybe you love your riding lawn mower, but still want to be green. There’s a solution for that too! You can convert your riding mower to propane. There are instruction out there to help you do that. Just think how much better we would all breath if everyone converted to one of these options. Think of all the money you’ll save by not buying gas.

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