I was diagnosed as Gluten Sensitive.  I had noticed that when I had a lot of gluten, I felt terrible.  My chest was congested.  My digestive track was off.  I had less energy.  When I started looking at Gluten Free products, I found that many were full of sugar.  Sugar isn’t good for anybody.  Basically, you were exchanging one evil for another.  I did find some Gluten Free recipes but, they were often full of sugar or high in carbs that the body would use as sugar.  Many of them were also just not good.  That’s why I decided to write this book.  I decided that the recipes would be gluten and sugar free and taste so good that , if you didn’t know they were healthy, you’d never guess.  By eating Gluten and Sugar Free I’ve had the following benefits:

        Weight loss

        My lungs are clearer

        More Energy

        Lower Blood Pressure

There are more benefits.  These were just the ones I noticed myself.

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