How to Go Organic, Step By Step Guide

Organic. It’s a popular trend right now. It can apply to lots of areas in your life. Why go organic in the first place? Conventional food is full of chemicals and pesticides. These can cause a lot of different diseases. The same goes for clothes, carpets, paint, etc. So, where do you start?

The most obvious, and best place to start is with food. The first food group to start with is meat. There’s a lot of hormones and antibiotics in conventional meat. Select grass fed, organic beef and lamb. Chicken and turkey should be free range organic. Fish should be wild caught (not farm raised). Fruit and vegetibles should also be organic. You can easily grow your own. If you’d like to learn more, see previous articles.

What’s the next step? Think about exposure. A good place to go next is your bed. There is plenty of organic bedding available. Organic cotton sheets or bamboo (very soft) are great for sheets. Organic comforters are also available. You can even buy mattresses that don’t give off toxic chemicals (outgassing). They even make non-toxic memory foam beds. Memory foam is amazingly comfortable.

What about clothes? More and more companies are making organic clothes. Bamboo clothes are available. Organic cotton is available. You also want to pay attention to coloring. Chemicals are often used to color clothes. Organics seem to be hitting women’s clothes a little faster. You can do a web search and find plenty of organic clothes. Whole Foods even carries some. Pay attention and you see more and more in the stores.

Indoor air is generally very polluted (far more than outdoor air). What can you do? A good air filter is an obvious choice. One simple solution is to open your windows for an hour every day. Those two suggestions are great for cleanup, but how do we prevent indoor air pollution? These days, it’s hard to completely prevent indoor air pollution, but you can cut down on it. Use low or Non-VOC paint. That smell of new carpet is actually fermaldyhyde among other carcinogenic chemicals. Choose hard wood (bamboo is a good choice) with non-VOC finishes. Cork flooring is good too. Pay attention to the glues that are used. Some are using clay on walls now and even rammed dirt floors. Even your choices in furniture matter. Some of the finishes can outgas chemicals. Organic cloth furniture is available. Chose FSC wood with non-VOC finishes. There are a lot of choices. This guide is just a start. There is a lot more information available in each area covered here. Keep your family safe and healthy with good, organic choices.

Christopher D Guebert
My Green Earth LLC

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