How to Save on Electricity and Help Solve the Power Grid Problems With DIY Solar and DIY Wind

Our current Power Grid is a mess. Back in 2003, power lines drooped down to a tree, shorted and caused a blackout in 5 states and parts of Canada (there is much more detail to this, but we won’t go into that right now). This caused massive problems: looting, shut down transportation, shut down traffic lights, and of course, no power to residents. This incident showed the country how antiquated our power grid really is. The government did an estimate on what it would take to update our power grid. The estimate is over $2 Trillion! I have 20 years of experience working with the government. When they estimate $2T, expect it to really cost $3-5T. If the government ever does get the money, they will find a way to screw it up. There is hope though!We can do our part to help. Some of the problems with our power grid include choke points. Sometimes they are caused by the power lines themselves. Sometimes they are caused by large power generation plants (such as Hoover Damn) supplying several states with power. There’s also the pollution issue. There are over 600 coal power plants in this country. Coal produces a lot of pollution, including Mercury, CO2, Nitrogen Oxide, etc. A lot of breathing issues (and several other issues) are caused from this pollution. There are 104 nuclear power plants. Nuclear waste last thousands of years. The effects of exposure to nuclear waste is far worse. We may have a place to store it now, but how long until we run out of room, and it ends up in our water. The best way we can help is to produce our own energy. Many can add solar panels or wind turbines to their homes. There are many advantages: small to no power bills (maybe evean a check from the electric company every month), no problems with power outages from downed power lines. When ice or other storms take out power lines, it’s also nice to be comfortable because you have heat or AC and refrigerated food while your neighbors suffer. You can buy solar panels and/or wind turbines. That can cost well into the $20,000 range or more. You can also produce your own energy. Plans are cheap and cost per solar panel can be less than $200. The nice advantage is that you can produce them as you need them, one at time if you’d like. There are tax advantages too (check with your state). If you plan on adding solar or wind, make your house more efficient (more on that later).I encourage companies to build small wind turbine/solar panel farms all over the country. It would help ease the power grid issues and cut pollution. My Green Earth plans to build several.While our power grid is a mess, we can help, and save money in the process.

Chris Guebert
My Green Earth LLC

I have been an Electrical Engineer for over 20 years. I have turned my attention to the Green industry. Our company website has information on many things green, including producing your own energy, growing organic food, converting your car to electric, and building/remodeling green. Website:

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