How to Save Your Family From Cancer by Growing Organic Food Anywhere Practically Free

Cancer rates are on the rise. Disease over all is on the rise. Why is this? I believe the causes are chemicals and stress. There are many ways to help with stress such as meditation, exercise, massage, hobbies, etc. Let’s talk about chemicals. The US Government (FDA) allows 50,000 different chemicals to be in your food without being on the label, and 15,000 of them cause cancer. Do you think they are protecting you, or the corporations that pay to get them elected?

The first thing to do is to avoid processed food. Eat meat, fruits and vegetables, not fast food or boxed food. Do your best to buy organic meats. Meat can be full or hormones and preservatives (even chemical ladened food coloring). Buy organic, grass fed beef whenever you can. You want the cows (or buffalo) to roam pastures, eating what they were intended to. Grass fed beef is as high in Omega 3 EFAs as salmon. Grain fed, corporate farmed beef is high in Omega 6 EFAs and full of hormones. Chicken should be free range, organic. Corporate farms raise chickens in small cages. They spend their lives in their own feces. Do you want chicken marinated in feces? They also pump them with hormones to get the breast to grow. Corporate farmed chicken look deformed. Is this what you want to eat? Free range chickens are allowed to roam and fly (a little at least) the way nature intended. This applies to turkey too. Also avoid farm raised fish. They are also fed unnatural food and penned into small areas where disease can spread easily. Wild caught is always better.

Fruits and vegetables are sometimes genetically modified. They are usually caked in pesticides. Pesticides generally are poison. Washing your fruits and vegetables do help, but much of the chemicals soak in through the skin. Can’t wash that off! The simple solution is to grow your own. Many people have their own gardens. That’s a good start. You need to make sure your seeds are organic and don’t use pesticides. Of course, this can only be accomplished in season. There are better ways. Build a greenhouse! I like geodesic dome greenhouses. They are strong and easy to build. Once you have a greenhouse, you can grow year round. At that point, you have to decide how you will grow your food. Hydroponics are good. I think aquaponics are a better choice. Aquaponics use water tanks, with water and fish in them. The plants are grown on top. The plants feed the fish, an the fish feed the plants. You get fruits, vegetables and fish to eat! Aquaponics also grows 10 times more food than conventional gardens in the same amount of time, or less!! Of course, you can’t do this in an apartment.

So, what do you do in an apartment? The answer is window farms! There are a lot of free plans on the internet on how you make your own window farms. You can grow a plenty of food that way.

Many are talking about coming bad times where food may be very hard to come by. I don’t know what will happen but, if you’re growing your own, you’ll be a lot better off!

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