Make Your Grass Extra Green and Save Money

One of the biggest polluters is, surprisingly, lawn equipment (mowers, trimmers, blowers, edgers, chippers, clippers, etc). Most lawn equipment uses 2 stroke engines (that’s where you have to mix gas and oil). The US Government estimates that 17 million gallons are spilled per year, trying to fill lawn equipment tanks. That pollutes the water. The smoke also pollutes the air. I’ve heard that 15 minutes of a leaf blower pollutes the air more than driving 100 miles in a car! How many of each tool do you use to take care of your lawn? Most people use at least 3. Riding mowers are generally 4 stroke engines. They are better, but still produce a lot of pollution. Can you imagine the amount of pollution produced on a warm, summer, Saturday afternoon? It makes you almost choke. What can we do?

There are a few options. Let’s talk about hand held equipment first (trimmers, blowers, edgers, clippers, etc). Let’s start old school/basic. All of these jobs can be done without power equipment. You can rake the leaves, sweep the sidewalk, use hand powered clippers… Some do this and actually love it. I wonder about their sanity. Kidding! There are electric alternatives, both battery powered and plug in. Plug in models are, of course, limited by the length of your cord, and how often you accidentally trim the cord. Ouch! There are several brands (and more coming daily) that make trimmers, edgers, blowers, etc that use battery power (Lithium Ion specifically). A couple good brands are Worx and Black and Decker. There are more. Those are just a couple examples. You can find them in any home and garden store and on-line now.

There are also a few options for lawn mowers. There’s the old fashioned person powered push mower (two wheels with blades in-between). This isn’t the choice most will make. There are corded push mowers. This is a limited option, as mentioned above (and the cords get cut often). There are battery powered push mower and riding mowers, also lithium ion. There are even battery powered robot mowers! Yes, they are very cool! Many need or, just want, riding mowers. There are battery powered riding mowers now. It’s surprising how many when you do a search. The big advantage in these is very little maintenance. There is another option too, and it may surprise you: propane! Yes, there are several brands of propane mowers out there. Obviously, there is the advantage of quick fill ups to keep mowing. Maybe you love your riding lawn mower, but still want to be green. There’s a solution for that too! You can convert your riding mower to propane. There are instruction out there to help you do that. Just think how much better we would all breath if everyone converted to one of these options. Think of all the money you’ll save by not buying gas.

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