Save Your Families Health with “Green” Flooring Options

Green Projects are trending now more that ever before. There are so many green flooring options available to you today. Almost everyone is going green. With the planets ecosystem and climate in turmoil it has never been more important. Some do not know this, but it is even a healthier option for you family.

There are biodegradable carpeting options that are beautiful. There are also recycled options at your disposal. Still, these are not the end of your flooring options. You can choose from laminates, tile, cork and hardwoods as well, and that is just to name a few.

Reclaimed wood flooring is one of the most sought after green flooring options on the market today. This is wood that has been re-harvested. It may come from old barns, construction sites, lake floors or riverbeds. There are quite a few companies sticking to urban salvage nowadays. Just think of the trees that can be saved through this method of wood recycling.

FSC certified wood flooring is another great option. Reclaimed wood may cost a bit more than some can work into a modest budget. Though going green is an investment some alternatives are cheaper than others. This is still a way to get the authentic wood flooring that you want at prices that you can afford.

Bamboo is a fantastic green flooring option.  Bamboo is a hot new trend for green flooring options. In the last decade it has grown in popularity at a rapid rate. It is a very beautiful option. It is actually a grass rather than wood, but it is replacing traditional wood flooring at shocking rates.

When you are exploring bamboo options for flooring you may not want to go with the cheapest versions as they will dent easier than a bit more expensive options will. Seek out options that have a higher bamboo count. You will also want a warranty that will last for a while. This is a great way to be sure you have quality flooring. Formaldehyde free bamboo is on its way. Be sure you get low volatile products by asking questions and researching your options.

Green Flooring is a fantastic investment that will save you more than a little money at the days end. When you make the choice to incorporate Eco-friendly flooring into your home you are choosing not only the health of the planet, but you are choosing family health as well.


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